Service Amazon Prime has become available in the UAE

خدمة أمازون برايم أصبحت متاحة في الإمارات

Become a service Amazon Prime available officially in the region through the company store of the UAE , which recently converted from market. The pile, the service will be available now compared to 12 AED per month or 140 AED throughout the year and will be available to subscribers until October 31, then will be get a monthly subscription to 16 AED.

And service Amazon Prime has many advantages for the participants, giving them the opportunity to get numerous products in the next day for purchase, and fast delivery for international parcels in case of exceeding the price of 100 AED. It also gives the user the opportunity to watch the broadcast service content representative of the Video Prime, in addition to providing Twitter account prime, and discounts on products that are up during the day for some areas.

Is considered the service is the best Amazon due to their subscription gives the customer involved in the services of the company in general, and so gets a variety of services characteristic for the low price.

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