Service and Blade Shadow soon in the United States

The subject service and Blade Shadow soon in the United States appeared on Engadget.

The company was Blade in recent years to attempt to streamline the pcs by subtracting the contributions of Shadow to serve the need desktop, they have 5000 subscribers to the service in France, the company has announced that this service will be available in California, USA on February 15 will begin to request to purchase the building next Thursday, will be put up in all parts of the United States during the summer of this year.

Blade Shadow

Used Blade the edges of the Windows 10 pioneer which will not be available to you and it is leased to you for a monthly subscription, you can login on the machine through the application on any device connected to the screen, whether computer, phone, tablet or any other device running Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows 10 and many other systems. And this process remotely, and broadcast two-way via Wi-Fi network from the device related to the screen; it is a clustering device by default shared between all devices that operate on the application.

In theory should the user feel that he had a whole stash under the desk which can be run on your phone or tablet or Smart TV. And keep a Blade on the system Updater, so you don’t have to think about the system and its updates.

Consists subscription is $ 420 per year ($35 per Month with commitment for a year), $ 120 for a subscription of 3 months or $ 50 per person. You can buy (at a price of $ 140 per month) or rent (at a price of $ 10 a month) box is optional to connect with external such as a keyboard or game controllers, or memory storage removable or anything else.

Focus Blade on the players for several reasons including that they are the most important customers in respect of sales of desktops, and part of it is that a group of players spend a lot of money to improve their systems and keep them working as quickly as possible, making monthly payments is easy for them. In addition to that of electronic games require big power small size is the box Shadow.


Illustrate the company’s hardware powerful enough to play games in HD resolution at a rate of 144 frames per second or 4K at 60 frames per second, and perform the traditional tasks of the other processors or the tasks that need disaster screen strong. Each system includes a disaster screen NVIDIA flagship Processor Intel Xeon quad-core, eight cores a fake, RAM 12 GB internal memory SSD 256 GB, the company added that the performance of the Processor exerts the performance of the Processor Intel Core i7.

The company claims that it has solved many of the problems which prevented this kind of dream of success in the past, infrastructure companies can afford the necessary scope for where the company explains that it can work well on 15 Mega bits per second with a response time of “0” thanks to the techniques of police discrimination, decryption techniques network protocol; and it has entered a partnership with Intel, NVIDIA, AMD and Equinix that is the center of universal data with stored decentralized.

There are a lot of attractions of this type of model to provide desktop as a service such as the ability to work seamlessly across devices without their presence and the presence of complications related to it. The most important is to be able to access your computer completely instead of files only when you travel, pay a subscription of $ 50 to be able to use many of the apps from anywhere easily is worth.


The subject service and Blade Shadow soon in the United States appeared on Engadget.

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