Service Apple TV musical is up to 60 million common

Confirmed Eddy Cue and head of the sector of services in the Apple TV service Apple TV Music reached 60 million subscribers, driven by an increase of 10 million in only 6 months where the number was 50 million last January.

Compared with the leading competitors the Spotify had 100 million subscribers driven, what means that the Apple is moving at a fast pace to reach them and even surpass them.

Service was Apple TV launched late in 2015, where I had Spotify 20 million subscribers driven, and today over four years Managed Apple’s growth up to 60 million subscribers.

According to statistics, geographical the Apple Music has a strong presence in the United States is superior to Spotify, although the majority of users see in the Spotify service better and stronger, especially on the hand proposal content.

Made Apple TV music many of the temptations of marketing, they have lowered their prices in India, provided subscriptions free trial for users of the Shazam application which is acquired.

And the even greater use would be when using Apple’s music application iTunes famous and with the launch of macOS Catalina next fall.

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