Service Apple TV musical up aid Google Home

خدمة آبل الموسيقية تصل مساعدات قوقل المنزلية - Google Home

Appeared the news about the intention of the launch of the Apple Music on the Assistant Google, Home Appliances related, which form a characteristic signal to the service station the Apple TV as well as owning my devices Google Home working with the rules of the company.

Now according to the site 9To5Google, the service Apple TV Music Apple Music started to emerge as one of the supported services on the devices plugin your Google, and you can also put it as music default from among the existing services.

And service to Apple’s music services Google Music of YouTube Music and play Music, in addition to the services of Spotify and Pandora and Disney, which represent different companies.

It is worth mentioning that the application Assistant Google on iOS added a feature of receiving voice commands of the Apple Music service which means the possibility of playing tracks via voice command Assistant Google.

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