Service Apple TV news reach 90 million readers with contributions paid

خدمة آبل الإخبارية تصل 90 مليون قارئ مع اقتراب الاشتراكات المدفوعة

Three years after the launch of Apple for its service news “Apple News”, Service Access about 90 million readers. This figure is considered as a big leap compared with other services in the same period, but it might begin to appreciate and reap the profits dramatically for the company in the coming period.

According to the New York Times , which reported the arrival of the service 90 million, the company is approaching the launch of paid subscriptions for news, so that will be consistent with the media institutions and offering them content via the service of Apple news without having to buy them via the official sites individually, as is the case with Time magazine and the Washington Post.

Was Reports has reported that a giant of the American technology is approaching the launch of the service is news driven, which make sure with the new report.

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