Service Apple TV to broadcast visual content will not know the content of the particular plucking Deluxe

خدمة آبل لبث المحتوى المرئي لن تعرض محتوى خاص بنتفلكس

Stated in the last reports of service of the Apple TV to broadcast content that it will not include any of the content service Netflix, according to Bloomberg stated the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings said that his company will have no active role in the content displayed through the service Apple TV the next.

” We need the participation of the people hinted visible through our services; so we have chosen not to engage in the service of the Apple TV of the live broadcast”. Which means, of course, the diversity in visual content and increase in how and the type of competition in the market of broadcast services, where he is expected to announce the Apple TV from its service in the event next week March 25.

It is worth noting that Netflix and Amazon are locked in strong competition in the market of broadcast services in terms of price and content of exhibitions; and with the advent of service Apple will include confrontation, especially that Apple is planning to integrate its service news with the broadcast service as it proceeded to the conclusion of deals is strong with many of the top companies for the production of content from movies and series and cuts televised on the high degree of competition with free Disney Plus also.

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