Service Arcade your Apple will be the value of contribution monthly $ 4.99

In last March, and specifically in the conference of Apple’s annual, the company announced its service to the next Arcade .

Which in turn will be a new experience to enjoy the games your iOS, for your a month that includes many of them without the need for the contribution of singly.

خدمة Arcade الخاصة بآبل سيكون قيمة اشتراكها الشهري 4.99 دولارService Arcade your Apple will be the value of contribution monthly $ 4.99

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The main concern of those interested in the service to know the price of the monthly subscription, and this is what has been identified today.

Where indicated one of the reliable sources that the monthly subscription service Arcade will be compared to 4.99$, with a free trial period for one month.

Has pointed out the source that the information value of the subscription obtained from one of the APIs used by the application to the app store of Apple.

On the other hand, will Arcade for users of the iPhone, iPad and Mac and Apple TV to access the application package and paid in a manner other than through the App Store.

It is known that Apple has previously announced that it will allow access to all members of the account Family Sharing.

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Finally, since the price is not declared officially yet, it is possible to change the time of official announcement to allow service users.

It is expected that this declaration in the event your Apple TV and the next on September 10. Which also will be the announcement iPhone the new.


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