Service broadcast films, a subsidiary of Apple will focus on showing the content ” clean “


We know that Apple is working on a service to stream movies, but it remains to be seen when exactly it will launch this service. However, the question still remains is who will be when it is launched? This is the most important question because, according to the Wall Street Journal of America, expect to be served the Apple TV to broadcast movies perfectly clean.

The report says that Apple is trying to expand the attractiveness of its service, which means they want to keep their offerings clean and suitable for families as much as possible. In fact, this strategy is good, we saw Disney follow the same strategy achieved with very great success.

In fact, Apple is serious about what it looks like in the content delivery system on the platform of the movies own because the frequency that there was, for example, a film called Vital Signs, a film that summons the intervention of the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook personally and he said he was ” extremely violent “. Says the report issued by The Wall Street Journal American that Apple had told the creators of the content in the former that they won’t need to censor their vision, but this may change.

It also appears that Apple is not only trying to get rid of the ” sex or profanity or gratuitous violence”, but it’s also trying to avoid the presentations and local political processes or that involve a lot of overtones religious. It remains to be seen whether this approach is appropriate for families will be held in favor of Apple, but what do you think you are?


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