Service broadcast films, a subsidiary of Disney will not be suitable for Netflix


Announced Disney in the past year that it will launch streaming service of movies and series. This was important because it also represents the end of the deal Disney with Netflix, this means that the offers a subsidiary of Disney will be available on the Netflix service in the future, it has been confirmed recently with the movie Ant-Man & Wasp who will be the last movies Marvel available on the platform of Netflix.

It seems that all this refers to that Disney want to create a streaming service of movies and series which will rival the likes of Netflix, but it seems that this is not the intention of the company. This according to President and CEO of Disney, Mr. Bob Iger, who said that the company is not trying to compete directly with the likes of Netflix or Amazon, but will try to focus more on the quality of their offerings.

Admittedly, Disney is a very large company and has a lot of offerings that are part of its portfolio, but we imagine that its service will be different as it will focus more on the shows, unlike Netflix and Amazon that use the television programs, movies and series from other companies. And, of course, will draw comparisons, so it remains to be seen whether the intentions of Disney aims to appropriate some of the more established companies in the market or not.

We don’t have currently any information about the Launch Date of the service of the broadcast of films with Disney, but the frequency that it will be released probably in the year 2019.


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