Service broadcast films and serials and software subsidiary of Apple TV may cost$ 15 a month


Revealed rumor modern that Apple is planning to hold an event on the 25th day of March where it is expected that the company is announcing some new things, including the streaming service of movies and series, news. Don’t know much about this service, such as content and cost.

But according to the analyst Tim O’shea Foundation Jefferies, stated in a note of new research that predicts that the cost of the service of movies and series, news of the Apple about US $ 15 a month. In the past, we had heard that Apple may make its content free for you Devices of the company, so this amount can be paid in the amount of $ 15 per person for other services that will Apple assembled in one package.

The analyst believes Tim O’shea also that there are many problems with the strategy adopted by the company. Unlike Netflix, which is spending billions of dollars annually to create its own content, the Apple will be a lesser amount of money on its own content, this means that she will need to rely heavily on third party content. This was reported also that the plans of Apple to deduct 30 percent of the value of subscriptions might not be suitable for studios and companies.

Enjoy Apple the advantage of having many customers already, it is possible that you install the service of movies and series and TV programs own preset on the hardware, similar to what was done with the service Music Apple Music. However, it remains to be seen whether that will be enough to convince customers to subscribe to this service or not, but we hope to have more details in the near future.

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