Service broadcast games Apple Arcade of Apple TV may cost customers$ 4.99 per month


In the month of last March, Apple announced a service broadcast its own games which bear the name of Apple Arcade. In case you haven’t heard about this service before, it allows you for a monthly subscription access to a huge library of games, some of which will be exclusive to this service.

This is unlike the system used currently where players pay for each game. However, you didn’t mention Apple as it will be serviced next, but thanks to the operators of the website 9to5mac, they knew, from their own interests to participate in the service of Apple Arcade customers will be most likely $ 4.99 USD per month, but it seems that customers will get a chance to experience the service for a month for free, which is was available already.

To be honest, 4.99 USD per month is a fair price and that represents good news for those who perhaps were worried that the service will be expensive. However, he explained, the site 9to5mac reports that Apple has not confirmed this price is official, which means that there is a possibility to change this price by the time of the launch of the service, but hopefully that doesn’t happen.

There is currently no information about the launch date of the service of Apple Arcade, but is expected to be launched along with iOS system 13 in the month of September next or in the next couple of months.


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