Service Disney+ will be launched on November 12 with works exclusive price of 6.99$ per month

Group announced the studios Disney is finally on the launch date of the service in its next broadcast visual content Disney+ select 12 November 2019 launch – with the end of the year, and will service in the folds of the 25 series original The its production service next to the 10 other films will appear with the launch of the service, which will keep the price of their participation 6.99$ per month.

Disney said that this service represents a quantum leap for the company to deliver content that is produced by the followers and make them able to access it at any time and easy, this will be the occasion a great opportunity to collect content from tags adult entertainment, which owns the company in one place.

And is Disney’s largest studio production in the world, she said during the past year with the acquisition of the studios, Fox, and a wealth of content across their brands continuously, they have the right industry movies of the Marvel superheroes as well as Star Wars series, and also owns Studios Pixar movies animated 3D, the next group of National Geographic, as well as possess all studios and channels of Disney movies and series.

Reported Disney in its announcement that subscribers will be able to access the content of a variety of brands that it owns and will be suitable for all age groups, and this content is easily accessible across phones, tablets, televisions, smart.

With this announcement, Disney seems determined with its service Disney+ win a large number of audience in a short time, the reason I ask Is represents half of what you ask Netflix for example, as that development will continue and will be in it and who knows the work of Disney will return the value of the new service.

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