Service Dropbox Transfer will give users the possibility to send files of size up to 100GB

Dropbox -

Dropbox will revolutionize the sharing of files with Dropbox Transfer, a service that will allow you to send files of size 100 GB to others.

You’ll be able to drag a file and drop it in the ” Transfer“, then send a link or email to the other person. It should be noted that the process of participation include elements that control the Everyone has access to the files, including set a password or expiration date., with the understanding that he will also alert you if the file was uploaded. I don’t need to be the other person’s user to Dropbox and will get a copy of the original file.

Users will be able to customize the page to ” Transfer ” your load by providing a different background, the company will be able to of distinguish them by placing their respective logos on them. It should be noted that there are many file-sharing services but it is limited when it comes to the sizes of the files, they provide the possibility to share files with sizes much less amount to 8GB or 10GB, or 25GB.

She entered the service of Dropbox to Transfer already into a trade with a limited number of clients Dropbox, and will provide all users of Dropbox soon.


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