Service Netflix now restrict upload speeds

خدمة من نيتفليكس تُقيس الآن سرعات التحميل

About two years ago from now, was ever the first to serve internet speed test of by Netflix, with the passage of two years, the company announced today that its service this is now able to measure the speed of the lift response time, where before she knew only the speed of your download.

In the same context, the company indicated that the service scooped the approximately 500 million tests since its launch, and during the past seven months represented half of the figure, and is considered one of the speed tests the most useful, as it measures your connection to the servers of Netflix.

In some cases internet service providers for better communication tests the speed of the common in order to make their network look stronger, in this case doing that means improving the speed with which we can stream Netflix so the test measures something useful, nor is the speed of the conversion perfectly adequate for Netflix, but it is important to be handy if you suspect if you get the speed that you pay for it.

In the frame – you know service and now also the response time of the “delayed response” is divided into categories of “non-loaded” and “loaded” and fundamentally what if your network is busy or not, which should give an additional perspective about the speed at which the computer servers Netflix.

Finally you Netflix it adds additional information, because some users are eager to more information, and speed tests are difficult to obtain, but the ability to test your speed against the major sites are a good option.

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