Service Google Duo are now available on the web

خدمة قوقل Duo متوفّرة الآن على الويب

Was service Duo in 2016 at the conference Google I / O, as part of the company’s strategy is to freeze the process of messaging, then was this service is limited to Android and iOS only, now available on the web with the support of her correspondence both audio and visual.

To use the service Duo on the web, all you have to do is go to the Web page users will see a current and active list of contacts have their own search box, where they can search for a contact, or dialing the contact directly, as users will be Duo new check number.

Finally the web version of the service Duo currently supports all of the browser Chrome, Safari and Firefox, and does not support Microsoft’s browser Edge where when you move it across the browser last, you will be greeted with the words “Duo for web not work on this browser.”

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