Service levels Google now support to show the differences between the two documents

خدمة مستندات قوقل تدعم الآن إظهار الاختلافات بين وثيقتين

Made service levels to Google of is of in files much easier, for example, there is support for the same document by many persons, with the synchronization of changes, without worrying about the merge, however, there are times you can’t use the service so that we have to rely on files saved locally, and this happens often when interacting with clients or people not familiar with the programs of the cooperative, and who they send their amendments without activate the review mode.

For these cases, are usually move to the computer to compare versions and highlight changes, and Microsoft Word able to it ever since its origins, and now presented Google this support to serve its documents on the web.

خدمة مستندات قوقل تدعم الآن إظهار الاختلافات بين وثيقتين

With this addition, it will allow you to compare two documents directly, and to do this, you need to open the document first, then click on tools down to the new option “compare documents” and then bring the version with the aim of comparison, in turn, will lead to the creation of a new file to justify the changes as amendments proposed, and to facilitate the identification will be asked for the effort that must be attributed to differences, which will make the changes appear as if it had been made by the docs.

Finally, she pointed Google that the feature will start to appear starting from today, to arrive for all users in early July, and did not require the company to support this feature on their applications in mobile phones, but without a doubt we’ll see it sooner or later.

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