Service musical The Apple Music service will make its way onto devices Amazon Echo

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Announced Amazon today that the Apple Music service will be released to devices Amazon Echo. Customers will be able to who have devices Amazon Echo of the use of Service Music Apple Music starting December 17.

Gonna service Music Apple Music of for Apple devices, Amazon Echo is similar to the services other musical, which currently includes all of Spotify and Pandora and Amazon Prime Music services, musical and other local based on the location of the user. To prepare the Apple Music service, you will have to login through the application of the Amazon Alexa on your phone when completing the process, you can ask the digital assistant Alexa play songs on the Apple Music service. Of course, this step is surprising but nevertheless welcome. I have the Apple speaker smart Apple HomePod, which says only play songs on the Apple Music service, but its in a different price category compared with the Amazon Echo.

Work Apple TV and hard to make the service of her musical Apple Music accessible to a larger number of people. In the year 2015, the company launched the Apple Music app on Android shortly after his arrival exclusive to the iOS system. In the year 2016, the service became musical Apple Music available on smart speakers, a subsidiary of Sonos. Last year, Apple announced about the smart speaker Apple HomePod, which forced users to participate in Apple Music to use it. A few months ago, Apple issued iTunes on the Windows Store 10 Store. Recently, the company is providing the Apple Music service on the platform Android Auto.

Includes the service currently has 50 million subscribers in all over the World note that the American participants in the Apple Music exceeds the number of American participants in the service Spotify.



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