Service Nintendo Switch Online will be released officially on the 18th day of September

Nintendo Switch

Confirmed to us by Nintendo earlier this year that it will launch service Nintendo Switch Online in the month of September. However, I didn’t remember the company exactly when in the month of September, but now it seems that we have a date to look forward to, it confirmed to us by Nintendo just that it will launch the service officially on September 18.

In case you haven’t heard about the service Nintendo Switch Online before, they are similar to the services of online play provided by Sony and Microsoft for your Playstation 4 and Xbox One so that will continue to turn to the players the possibility to play toys with other players via the internet note that this will not affect the multithreading local players. It will also help players save their progress on the level of the game in the cloud although it will not be supported by all games, as it will give them access to a library of classic games, and more.

Having said that, the service will Nintendo Switch Online will be much cheaper when compared to competing services. Can players who aren’t sure whether they want to pay for that choice of service experience during the first month compared to $ 3.99 USD. For users who already know the possibilities offered by this service to them and want to take advantage of, you’ll be able to get a 12-month membership for $ 20, although there is an option to get a subscription for 3 months for 8 bucks.

Is Service Nintendo Switch Online on the internet is nothing new police are trying to discover. Before that, it was a company Nintendo does not impose any charges on the players to play online. We’re not sure if there are plans to raise the price in the end, but it’s currently still available at reasonable prices. In the meantime, for those interested in buying the estate in advance.


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