Service streaming movies and series +Disney beyond the barrier of 50 million subscribers within just a few months


The launch of the streaming service of movies and series +Disney for the first time in the month of November of the year 2019, and within just five months, managed this trick of attracting 50 million subscribers. This service is currently available in dozens of countries and markets, including India, which added alone 8 million subscription to the equation.

Expanded service +Disney to Western Europe in the last month, then made its way to India in partnership with the streaming service famous local Hotstar. However, the eight million subscribers who except service +Disney in India will not bring the same amount of revenue that will bring participants in the market for another, because the annual subscription in India not more than 20 USD for the most expensive plan.

For comparison, the users in Europe to pay the equivalent of US $ 65, while the participants in the United States of America to pay $ 70 per year.

Library includes +Disney on a lot of movies from Disney and Pixar and Marvel, as well as movies and series as well as Star Wars and Net Geo. There are also all the sympathy the world of The Simpsons, although there are some restrictions that vary from market to market on the latest episodes.

Said the head of the Department of consumer and international business at the Walt Disney Company, Mr. Keving Mayer that the expansion will continue throughout the year 2020, and the service +Disney will make their way to more countries in western Europe, Japan and Latin America.

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