Service streaming movies and series +Disney will support many of the region since the beginning


Is expected to launch a streaming service of movies and series +Disney later this year, and if you plan to participate in this service, you may be interested to know that this service will be available on a number of different platforms at all. This means that you will be able to watch the content available on the service in multiple devices since the beginning.

This includes Apple TV, Android and Android TV and Chromecast and web browsers and iPad and iPhone and Playstation 4, Roku and Roku TV, and Xbox One. And, apparently, some hardware, a subsidiary of Amazon, like the Amazon Fire TV is not in the list, but there’s a chance that it will be added later.

After all, this is just the devices that are supported in the beginning, so we believe that it will support more platforms and devices with the passage of time. It should be noted that the service will be launched +Disney initially in the United States, but is expected to expand to include markets such as Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand in the month of November next. The company plans to expand to more international markets in the next two years, so if you don’t live in those areas, it seems that you are not lucky.

Will be the pricing of the service is estimated at 6.99 dollars per month or 69.99 USD if you plan to pay annually. There will also be a pack worth 12.99 USD per month include +Disney and Hulu +and ESPN.


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