Service Street View urges users to capture videos 360 degree

Service allows Google Street View explore world landmarks and natural wonders, coupled with the development within the up and.

During recent years the development of the Google Maps service significantly, which helped to improve the advantage to trade in the streets are Street View, which deals with the Google team in different places with camera and 360 degrees great for everything, while running algorithm a company to connect those stills together to provide you with the possibility of being in any place through your current location.

Last year saw the expansion of Google for cosmetic three-dimensional Street View to various places such as oceans, mountains, volcanoes, and collaborated a giant sea with a number of camera manufacturers in order to provide such equipment, the result was 20 new camera designed to capture 360 degrees of moving vehicles with the highest possible accuracy.

Earlier this month, Google to users to assist them in promoting the maps service, with the number of users who have installed the application of Google Street View, the independent on their phones on a pop-up message about capture 360-degree images while driving.

This message urges users to capture videos 360 degrees while driving, and through the link camera 360 degrees and allow the development of Street View taking pictures.

According to Charles Armstrong, a product manager at Google, posted pictures of high-quality interactive will not require a long time or a huge effort, as all you have to do is get one of the cameras 360 degrees, and install the application to Street View, and start taking pictures while walking, running or riding a bike or driving or even Horse riding, while Google does the rest.


Source: Service Street View urges users to capture videos in 360 degrees

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