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Announced Google during the month of May 2018; for an evaluation of the service (YouTube Reed) YouTube Red to two new services, namely: service broadcast new music bearing the name of (YouTube Music) YouTube Music, the service (YouTube Premium) YouTube Premium content of the original video.

The launch of the service ( YouTube Music), will be the platform to ready to control the market for music streaming, where the service supports a user interface characteristic, and the content is unmatched, in addition to the application of smart phones, and new computers for the office, designed both specifically for music, and, accordingly will become a service (YouTube Music) a direct competitor of Google to prevent other music (such as Spotify) Spotify, and(Apple Music) the Apple Music.

Here’s everything you need to know service YouTube Music:

The most important features:

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Host platform YouTube the largest video library in the world, perhaps the largest music library also, so it is not surprising that the organization is seeking to take advantage of that library’s huge to try to market itself better to music lovers.

Include service (YouTube Music) all official versions of songs, with access to thousands of playlists related, arts and done remixes, shows the lyric of the initiative, and of course music videos, where you can find any song you want to hear it.

For most music services, you when the registry and start using them, you may suffer from the difficulty of the setup process, where you can choose certain types of music, or artists who love them, and then provide you with service suggestions based on your choices. But the service (YouTube Music) will allow you to communicate with your favorite artists if you want it, in addition if you already have an account on Google – and therefore a YouTube account – step service on what you like already, thanks to the artificial intelligence techniques that rely on Google in the development of its services.

When you open an app (YouTube Music), you will see three tabs, and you can choose one, or use search to find songs, artists, albums, favorite, here is a brief summary of the new tabs:

  • Homepage: you can see songs, and videos convinced customized for you, based on your geographical location, or songs that I have heard previously. When you log in using your Google account you’ll also see suggestions based on the music you listened to on YouTube.
  • List (Hotlist): you can find the music possible, and access to popular content.
  • Library: you can access all songs, playlists, and albums you’ve added to your library.

Considered the recommendations of the standing constantly changing on your geographic location, your browsing history, and time you use the service during the day, may be some of these recommendations are really useful, especially when creating a library of songs traditional your own.

If you are looking to create your library, you can use the feature (Mixtape), which will provide you a combination never ends songs, and videos collected by the site based on your library and your record.

ميزة (Mixtape)

For new users of the service; this feature is visible usually after a few hours of listening to the songs. Don’t provide you the feature (Mixtape) songs fit your taste faster than (Spotify), but it has more ways to play music, thanks to the library that contains almost every song you can search for them.

It also allows you to service create custom playlists, where you can add an entire album to your library through the View Details page of the album and choose the code (of the library), if you see content you don’t care you can ignore it by using a feature (not interested now) Not Interested now.



There are two versions of the service; the first: (YouTube Music) is available for free, but if you use it on an Android device, you’ll find there are ads every three to six songs, and you can play songs in the background.

Second: (YouTube Music Premium) YouTube Music Premium; the monthly subscription up to $ 9.99, no ads, and allows you to run songs in the background.

The most prominent features of YouTube Music Premium:

خدمة يوتيوب ميوزيك.. إليك كل ما تحتاج معرفته

Feature photo mode:

When you subscribe to YouTube Music you can activate the audio mode to listen to music without download video. In order to activate the silence mode on or off, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the YouTube application music.
  • Click on the profile picture, then click on the option (settings) Settings.
  • Switch between video mode and photo mode.

Download music to listen to it without internet:

Participants can (YouTube Music Premium) to listen to music without internet by downloading the songs and videos on their devices. There are two ways to do this:

  • Activate the feature (operations automatic download) Smart Downloads, which allows downloading content automatically according to the songs that I have heard previously.
  • Choose playlists or songs or albums specific to download.

Available state in which the service:

If you are interested in partnership in service to music, they are currently available in some country, if I left this country, you will not be able to access the service, for a list of countries that are available now, you can visit this link.

What will happen with the service (Google Play Music) is?

Anyone who already has a subscription service (Google Play Music), Google Play Music, will receive the service (YouTube Music) as part of this membership, and if you use Google Play Music won’t change anything, and you can still access all the music files, downloads, and playlists purchased.

This means that (YouTube Music) you will get most of the features and service (Google Play Music), the largest of which is Library Music, free songs, which include 50 thousand songs.

However; the library catalogs of the two services until now completely separated, where is the relay operation of the Office of the long process that takes a lot of time, but in the meantime; it gets users of the service (Google Play Music) on the application of the two musicians instead of one application.

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