Services application Waze navigation became available on the platform CarPlay

خدمات تطبيق Waze الملاحية أصبحت متوفرة على منصة CarPlay

The past week has provided the company Google new experience for the navigation system on the platform CarPlay support services of Google Maps, and in a step similar to today, the application of the Waza with the support the Apple TV platform according to 9to5Mac. She said Waze earlier they will be under work soon via CarPlay after receiving the last on the navigation system of Google Maps a few days ago.

The support of Waze to platform Apple CarPlay big step to provide an integrated experience allows sync your contact using your iPhone, via the app, similar to Google Maps. The application Waze to provide many of the features visible on the CarPlay where you can for example navigate between the situation of night or day according to your preference, not based on the change automatic according to time, in addition to the possibility to change the icon that the application uses for the property display directions to the user in a way specific and provide him with guidance and visual or verbal known as the turn-by-turn.

And it is not strange to follow Waze to Google in platform support CarPlay, where Google is the parent company now, it has acquired a navigation application, traffic 2013.

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