Services..How do you know what gathered about the company Apple?


Most of the technology companies to make people familiar with some of the things relating to their privacy, and facilitated almost every company, users know what data and information do you know about them, including Google, Microsoft and Apple.

That company is Apple being very secretive on sharing information of its users, and the privacy page, the company says :”We believe that security should not come at the expense of individual Privacy”, the following steps enable you to learn what you know about Apple.

– Log on to website Apple online and select Department Privacy

– Within the privacy page you’ll find the option Access to Personal Information

– After that you’ll find the option Privacy Contact Form click on it

– Select your country which you registered your account on your device

– You will be taken to another page to choose which Privacy Issues

– Fill out some of the details that you’re asking Apple to verify identity

– Data will be sent to you in a message with a password-protected file, it will make you the Apple also the password in the email is different, thus all the information that owned by the Apple about you will be with you.

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