Services.. how to add geolocation to tweets on Twitter?


Sometimes users need network tweets thumbnail Twitter to embed their geographical location within the tweets, which can be done easily, here are seeing how to do this, with the note that this method is suitable with Android phones, iOS, and Web is as follows:

How to add a geographical location

– The inside of the box write the tweet the user presses the click button of the geographical location.

– If you never add the location of its geographical location to his tweets, you’ll see no window match he tweeted with the addition of the geographical location, which the user will need to run them.

– Will show the geographical location of the current user.

– The user presses the click button of the geographical location of again; to display the drop-down menu that includes other options, one can choose any of the geographic locations mentioned in the list, and the geographical location of which is identified with a checkmark.

– As the user can also search for any location geographic location using the search field located at the top of the list of the geographical location.

– When enabled, add a geographic location to a user’s tweets, you’ll see its location information automatically, and connect them tweeted the next which is typed by the user.

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