Services .. how to relay all the problems of any “page” here on Facebook


Owns a Facebook specific algorithm that allows to allocate the publications that are being displayed on the user’s personal page, but the biggest problem is that she doesn’t know all the publications that you may wish to by the user, so what if the user wishes to follow the publications of a particular page significantly without the other, or at least follow everything you publish this page, the following know how to follow up on everything you publish one of the pages on Facebook as follows:

– The user goes to the image that you want to see more on partner events, and make sure to follow Following.


– The user presses the button following and testing them to See First.


Also the user can also activate the development of your a lot of things like new publications, events and videos.


– Once you get to the menu, the user can specify a lot of options.


Now will notice the different user notifications that reach him from this page with ease.

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