Services technology stopped working in the year 2018

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10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

As is the case every year filed central technical technical products and Services old and receives new ones, and in 2018 called to our range of products and services Famous, which I enjoyed for many years very popular, where a lot of users think they have, but unfortunately will not keep his presence in the coming years.

In our today’s article we will review the highlights of the technical services that stopped working in the year 2018:

1 – Google Plus Google +

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

Announced Google in the month of last October it would close a copy the user of the social network Google Plus Google+, a service that was launched to compete with social networks but have not been successful as the rest of the Google services.

At the outset, justified Google’s this decision that it is a logical decision because very few people use this service effectively, but the Wall Street Journal reported that this action came after that found Google in the month of March last on what she called the bug lasted for years within the social network, which can display the names, email addresses and other private data for no less than 500 thousand users.

2 – Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

The company announced Yahoo on 17 July 2018 the closing of its service to download Yahoo Messenger after 20 years on the launch, and recommended the Yahoo – which has become owned by Verizon Communications – users of its service by switching to another application called Squirrel, she would “now concentrate on building and evaluating tools new connections tailored to the needs of consumers better.”

3 – service Snap cash Snapcash payment

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

Announced platform Snapchat its exit from the defense business through the mobile phone close the services snap Cash Snapcash payment through its application in the 30 last August after nearly 4 years on launched in partnership with square company Square Financial Services to facilitate the process of sending money between users.

4 – service selection of links from Google URL Shortener

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

Google announced in March last off the service to shorten the links – Google URL Shortener – which was launched in 2009, to facilitate the process of sharing long links.

It also announced that it will be replaced with a dynamic link or Firebase Dynamics Links which are URLs that smart allows its users not only the guidance to web pages, but they can redirect to certain places within the iOS apps or Android or web apps.

5 – service Spotify Running

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

In 2015 the company launched Spotify, the new service has been included in the application and Spotify Running, and was aimed at the nomination of content for the user based on the type of music you listen to and record listening, but in February announced Spotify that it would stop supporting Spotify Running once you update the phone application in last April.

6 – service Digg Reader for feeds news

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

In 2013 the site announced Digi Digg specialized in the presentation of the topics most favored social media and the internet about the launch of the Digg Reader to read the differences sites RSS affiliate as an alternative to Google Reader the most popular at the time which was closed in 2013.

I didn’t submit site Digg a lot of thinking about the closure of the service, but the analyses indicated that the service fell amidst the rise of social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

7 – Service Mayday Live from Amazon

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

In 2013 declared Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon about adding a new service called Mayday Live to computers, tablets Kindle Fire Kindle Fire, which is the technical support service direct to customers through the screen of the tablet computers, where they listen to your problems help you to solve it, but as of June 2018 was confirmation of the termination of this service after nearly five years on its launch.

8 – Cloud Gaming-cloud gaming

10 خدمات تقنية توقفت عن العمل في عام 2018

Company closed GameFly service of cloud gaming Cloud Gaming in late last August, which was launched by 2015 as a service similar to the for Netflix reached Netflix but for video games, where she worked on smart TV devices from Samsung, LG, and LG, in addition to devices, the Fire TV from Amazon, and allows users to play video games selection without having to buy expensive hardware.

It should be noted that the decision of closure came after the company Electronic Arts Electronic Arts purchase of the assets of the technology of cloud gaming, a subsidiary of GameFly.

The gate Arab News Technical Services Technology stopped working in the year 2018

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