Set STC to launch the fifth-generation 5G commercially in Saudi Arabia

Group announced the STC for the launch of their official service fifth generation 5G commercially in Saudi Arabia as the first operator in the Kingdom provides the service commercially available to customers in a number of cities of the kingdom.

Noted the CEO of STC Eng Nasser bin Suleiman Al-Nasser to this absolutely confirms the group’s development as the key to digital, in recognition of development of the ICT sector in the Kingdom, noting that the launch of commercial service in Saudi Arabia, coming in sync with the launch of VIVA Kuwait, an affiliate group of the service commercially before the days as the first operator in Kuwait, will also launch VIVA Bahrain, an affiliate group of the service commercially in the Navy soon.

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Assured Nasser that the STC has developed a wireless network infrastructure in the kingdom, increase their spread and provide the technology World latest, accelerate the deployment of networks 5G, which provides a transformation technique large network and essential for the development of the future including at present the provision of mobile internet super fast like no other in the kingdom, where you will provide services to the network of the fifth generation in its first phase, currently in specific regions in a number of major cities, using a hardware (router) my house will be available in outlets specific to STC according to the needs of the customer.

This launch confirmation for STC in providing technical solutions and services to customers in the Kingdom and the region, where you will help the fifth generation to raise the efficiency of the speed and performance of networks, wireless communications, as it will not only impact on the efficiency of communication between people and their phones or their computers, but in the use of sophisticated for this generation, such as services associated with the Internet of things and intelligence in industrial robots.

A group STC has succeeded in May 2018 and in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Naif, Emir of the eastern region, from the launch of the first live sites Network, the fifth generation to buy the STC after the completion of the experiments, and for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa. Extra to make their first contact with the Fifth Army on a smartphone in the Middle East and among the first operators in the world, in collaboration with its strategic partners as part of the measure by testing the fifth generation, which started since the at will continue to work to complete the construction of the network gradually in the major cities of the kingdom during the current year, it also launched VIVA Bahrain group, the first of its sites live to provide the network of the fifth generation in June 2018 .

Comes found the commercial service of the fifth generation to comply with the plans of the digital transformation in the kingdom other programme of national liberation and to the kingdom’s Vision 2030, and the race in the launch of the fifth generation is an affirmation of the development of the infrastructure contributed by the group and invested it for the future of advanced technology.

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