Set up email Yahoo new Yahoo mail page how to work an account on yahoo

Way to set up a Yahoo account a new page

Create account Yahoo New is pretty simple and using yahoo mail is a must to get the advantages provided by so you find many looking for a way to set up an account on yahoo or like to make email Yahoo to enjoy design possible, or as possible looking for steps to create email account yahoo or email Yahoo to take advantage of the services provided by the website and many of the nurses in the service arefor the email that will attract the user to search for a way to set up yahoo mail, We are here in this section we will describe the steps to process mail Yahoo pictures and easy manner and concise a lot unaware of a way to set up yahoo mail or doesn’t know how to decide to choose Yahoo as distinctive among the holy sites to serve the email domain such as Hotmail or Gmail from here you know the most important locations for email and a way to set up an account Emily .

About the e-mail service from Yahoo :

yahoo! mail , e-mail service offered from Yahoo Site, which is one of the top three providers of e-mail service in the world competing with Hotmail and gym, which offer the best of attractive design to display mail messages , also the yahoo mail with the space of reverie for storing messages and files up to about 1 terabyte , space alone is not enough eager company yahoo is also on the protection system security and Privacy to high and spam filters before reaching for the mail , Water is dazzling emails Yahoo will deliciously appeal to millions of Internet users around the world is the possibility to import contacts from any of the sponsors another e-mail you can also search and find contacts, messages and attached files in a fast way
Seek a lot for an account on yahoo being the options of coordination and damage great features you can also preview and edit files without leaving the Inbox of your account

If you prefer the Google website and use the service of Gmail email know through this topic on the way to set up Gmail account steps to set up Gmail new it is here you know the steps to set up Gmail for Android follow Google Play steps to set up Google Play account
And from here on the way to set up email from Hotmail Outlook to take advantage of the e-mail service :thesteps to set up email Hotmail

Steps to set up mail Yahoo page

The first step:

First we have to login on the main page here so you can create a new account on yahoo to show you as in the picture

صورة الصفحة الرئيسية
Home page mail Yahoo!

The second step:

Like any process of registration or subscription sites of service, allred e, too. when you set up email Yahoo will enter the data required to agree as easily as the first name and last name of the user that you want before the @Yahoo .. which you will use to log in to yahoo mail , after that you have to enter your password try not to use the word simple , too, to increase the protection and make sure your identity and the registration of spam filtering you have to enter your phone number and the identification code provided by selecting the flag of your country then enter date of birth in a prison and today, and determine the Sex, Male or female

انشاء ايميل ياهو
Set up email Yahoo new

Note / You have to make sure the phone number the entrance to receive a message from the site containing the validation code
The second step:

After completion of the phase in the process of creating email Yahoo New will enter the phone number in order to increase security and restore mail in case of a forgotten password or you know your email to hack you must also enter the relationship to your phone number optional

انشاء ايميل ياهو
Enter the phone number optional to increase security in the Yahoo account

The fourth step:

Once you click on the icon to create an account at the end of the page you will be presented a page asking you to code The control it represents a group of numbers and letters that you know and ask you to write it in the space provided you can download the icon audio so you can write what you hear from the codes

انشاء ايميل ياهو
Investigation procedures to set up a Yahoo account

The fifth step:

After successfully entering the code will send a validation code to the number that you enter after you press on the icon to send an sms message

انشاء ايميل ياهو
Set up email Yahoo

The previous step:

Enter the code in the space provided, you can retry after a will take you to the Welcome page of owning your account yahoo mail and giving the mail box and processing in order to start to use


صورة ايميل ياهو جديد
Email Yahoo new


Then directs you automatically to the home page for Yahoo to your

Finally, you can take advantage of the Yahoo services such as weather Yahoo, send and receive messages and files and search email messages and web search



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