Seven things on Apple to add docking-iPad in iOS 13

With the launch of the iPad Pro 2018, it turns out that Apple wants to be an iPad a strong competitor for the personal computer. Maybe you want Apple to enter new changes the concept of the personal computer provide iPad hybrid has a hardware powerful performance is stronger than the majority of personal computers today. Thus establishing Apple’s idea of dispensing with the Mac or personal computers-sufficiency of the iDevice-the iPad. It is clear that Apple is taking serious steps in that direction, to that in the near future. But there are still many things that prevent an iPad from the to be a substitute for your Mac or any other computer fully. Perhaps specialize the apple of many of the restrictions that prevent it in the end. But there are seven things you need for Apple TV to work it as soon as possible to ensure the autonomy of the iPad is almost entirely temporarily from other devices, and the Apple added to the iPad Pro in the next update of iOS 13.

سبعة أشياء على أبل أن تضيفها للآي-باد في iOS 13

Support for more file classes and file types

Important advantages in the situation and the opportunities the iPad is that you can connect any external storage and dealing with it immediately brokered by Windows or Mac and run the file. In the iPad because of the absence of a file manager if you connect a USB storage C must be the manufacturer of this unit to develop application on iOS to run the file. In order to compete with the iPad case must have the ability to run any storage unit as well as The any file easily without owning a large number of additional applications and accessories.

Better multitasking on iOS

Different multitasking on iOS about in macOS is vastly different too. But Apple’s strides to make iOS more like running MacOS when added new features to multitask on an iPad the beginning of the iOS system 11. There are some rumors stating that updates are great for multi-tasking coming with iOS 13.

But multitasking in the case of more sophisticated perhaps the simplest things that tend to need that you can’t open the app more than once and working together like that, open two copies of “Chrome or Safari” and I swear the screen between them.

General features similar to Mac.

Certainly wouldn’t say Apple is merging iOS and macOS in any time soon, nor is it required to one that. But be sure to add many features similar to the operating system macOS to the iPad Pro will help users a lot especially when it comes to dealing with peripherals.

While you can connect your iPad Pro to an external monitor, there must be a better solution to use it in this situation. At least a pointer when plugging a mouse or trackpad. Do not say, for Apple to make an iPad like a Mac but make it able to simulate your Mac if necessary.

More applications

Can be said that the era of Photoshop is coming to iOS this will make things much easier. And on Apple TV to do its utmost to provide the requirements to run those apps giant in the next update.

At this stage, lacks iPad Pro to many professional applications professional. In other words, you need Apple to release versions running on an iPad for special applications such as Final Cut Pro X for video editing on the Mac, and the application of Logic Pro X to record a professional full on the Mac also. It is through the property of the Handoff can follow the action on those applications on both the Mac and the iPad you can start working on one and complete it on the other.

Multiple user accounts

Of course, you think tablet devices are more hardware problems between family members or work colleagues, compared to smartphones. Despite the fact that you can have multiple accounts and accounts of the guests on the Mac, but iOS only allows one account.

Can contain User Accounts, different settings and formats different on the app, so parents can check in the accounts of their children which makes sharing an iPad between the family members over the safety and suitability of everyone. This change is not of paramount importance but it would be good for many users IP-iPad.

Make safari like in macOS

It should challenge Apple application Safari on an iPad and make it more like Safari on the Mac. This is something normal due to the larger screen of an iPad. Or at least tell Apple to provide a desktop view of sites.

Expand the night mode to the entire system

That water which has long been demanded by users for years. However, Apple introduced the dark mode under the name the opposite of smart, but wasn’t counted on that night mode. Now system MacOS Mojave has this situation. It is known that the system of iOS and macOS will merge. But the draft Marzipan that you are working on the Apple TV, which will allow the developers to set up apps work on both platforms. Therefore there will be many applications that support Night Mode. And that the situation on the iOS system, especially an iPad would be no sense another.

Do you expect to be exploitation the iDevice-the iPad for the PC and Mac on the day of days? And the things that must be facing the docking-iPad so is that it? Tell us in the comments



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