Seven wonderful things you can do on Note 9 does not exist in the iPhone XS

I don’t doubt that some of the users have switched from Apple to Samsung phones for some reason or another. Some used both phones at the same time. He has held a poll by the website WalletHub last August on 480 user said 72% of them they won’t buy the iPhone new this year, and 47% of these users uses Android, and 46% of users of iPhone. There is no doubt that since the launch of Note 9 to now, may enable its users to explore well, but may hide some of the nurses. In this article we’ll show you some of the fabulous secret in the Galaxy Note 9 you can’t do it on the iPhone, you know it.

سبعة أشياء رائعة يمكنك فعلها على نوت 9 ولا توجد في آي-فون XS

Put “Beast” makes the phone faster.

We know that the Noto 9 Works processor Snapdragon 845 hesitantly up to 2.8 GHz which is theoretically faster than the iPhone X up to 2.39 GHz, as well as faster than the iPhone XS Max new it is reported that its speed is 2.5 GHz (top theoretical speed, not actual). The Samsung mode called “Beast” or The Beast, makes the phone works super fast and allows for applications and web pages to work very quickly on the unusual.

In comparison with the iPhone 8 when you run the application Twitter found that it takes three seconds while the Galaxy Note 9 takes half a second. And it takes one second to run Facebook. And run Google Maps in one second versus three seconds docking-iPhone.

To enable the mode “Beast” on a notepad 9 through the Settings – About Phone – scroll down to the bottom to program information. Click on the number to release seven times, will open Developer options – scroll down to the “measure of the duration of the animation” you’ll find that the scale 1x is the default, but if you choose 0.5 x it will run the phone faster.

Make the main background of the video clip

You can put video as a background for the main screen notes 9 but not through the settings. But go to your photo gallery – select the video you want to use – click on the three dots in the top right corner and then select “set as wallpaper”.

Use the headset to two Bluetooth at the same time

Many users don’t like them to abandon the headphone port in the iPhone in the beginning, but started users rely on it, but you can’t use more than hear any more than a pair of headphones connecting with Bluetooth. But allow Samsung to connect the two Any a couple of Bluetooth headphones or speakers household Bluetooth at the same time. These are useful if you are watching one of the videos you and another person, instead of watching the Sky One with it. (Sound coming from the headphones at the same time).

To do this, go to Settings – Bluetooth – click on the three dots in the upper right corner – advanced – and look for the “voice double”. Will the Phone search for the heavens and trafficking.

It also allows you to Note 9 to know when the battery decreases heavens, and you will get an alert when the energy of its 10% so that you can recharge them.

Schedule text messages

Using the Messages application on Note 9 you can put an address as in the email. You can write messages using the S Pen and then the phone converts it to text.

But water favorite is the possibility to schedule and send text messages at certain times. You can do this by clicking the + button next to the message field text. When you select the schedule a message, it will open the calendar and time you want to send the message. Then type the message and click send.

Although the iPhone does not have a feature similar, except that you can schedule messages through the use of third-party applications such as the application of Scheduled App that allows you to schedule three letters per month, but with the paid version you can schedule what you want from the messages.


Scheduled App


Scheduled B. V.
Size49.0 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Put the “Glove” or glove mode

This mode allows you to use your phone and you’re wearing gloves. Where it says Note 9 to increase the touch sensitivity so you can use it and you’re wearing gloves with ease. These waters smoothly and with a protection company. There is in any-iPhone increase touch sensitivity but for the fingerprint only.

To increase the sensitivity of touch, you’ll move on to advanced features, then find the “touch sensitivity”.

You can also adjust the Note 9 to avoid unintentional touches. By having an account and work to discover when the office would be dark and thus prevents any action that is unintentional such as or reply to calls or run the notice or otherwise. To do this, go to Settings – screen – blocking unintentional touches.

Smart lock

Gives you all the smart phone now customize the lock one way or another, either through facial recognition or through a passcode or fingerprint. Galaxy Note 9 also offers many options, including patterns, PIN, password, and match the images face, iris, fingerprint recognition, or scanning smart he is the face and the iris with at one time.

Copy-and-paste using the stylus Samsung in Instagram

Using the pen, you can do many things, such as writing notes on the screen or on web pages, and anything written to the text.

Water favorite is “smart”. Using the pen you can take a text you can’t copy or paste it normally, like the captions in the problems of Instagram . Says pen to copy text selected by you, so that you can paste or share.

If you use the Note 9 is used that possible? She’s so important that we see it on the iPhone for? Tell us in the comments.



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