Shao also working on a foldable phone!

This topic Shao also working on a foldable phone! Appeared on Engadget.

It is reported that Huawei and Samsung say the development of flip phones, but it seems that the company Shao and OBO had joined the race, and that according to ET Times.

As reported by a written report in Korean that all the Chinese manufacturers working with suppliers to obtain components related to mobile, folding. And worth mentioning think screen folding and joint are the main parts in the industry of phones collapsible, so we expect that the company Shawty up of attention to get these ingredients than ever before.

And from the belief that these two companies will be two Huawei in get screens folding from Chinese suppliers. And with that, it has been described the company LG Display as suppliers of potential.

And you ET Times it is possible to operate Shawty on the design of the foldable phone is different from the design of Huawei’s and Samsung’s design. But I don’t know what kind of design you’re working on company of the oppo.

It is also worth mentioning that ZTE Corporation has given a glimpse of the concept of flip phones and that phone through Axon M, which was launched last year, where the photo at the top that the phone rollaway will consists of two separate screens can be folded, but when open the phone, you get a display area size of the tablet.




This topic Shao also working on a foldable phone! Appeared on Engadget.

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