Shao and oppo are working on the production of foldable phone !

Require Huawei is currently the first foldable phone in the world although the intention of Samsung to launch the same phone under the name Galaxy F but it seems that Huawei will not swim in this area.

Also joined the company Shawty so previous it has also announced that it intends to launch foldable phone stated that the design of the new phone is ready already to work on the initiative continued with suppliers of phone parts to start manufacturing it.

Unlike the design of Huawei and Samsung phone rollaway inside the Shaw announced that the design of the phone will be retractable from the outside, which offers the possibility to exploit it to make the phone screen occupies more space.

As for the price of the phone offered by Shawty still folds the secret wraps there is no information leaked about it despite the announcement of Samsung about the price of the phone by folding, which is expected to be US $ 2000, we know that the Shawnee is committed to a maximum 5% profit margin is therefore expected to compete with other companies at a lower price and compete.

He joined the manufacturing company of the oppo, which plans to produce her smart phone foldable, although not providing any specific time frame at the current time did not show any information in regard to design, he is also expected to have a cost equal to the cost of a Samsung phone.


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