Shao is preparing for the official announcement about the phone CC9 on 2 July

The company announced Shao from the date of the next conference on the 2nd of July, which reveal the unveiled the first phone of a series of phones CC where it is expected to apply to the first release entitled CC9.

It was published by Shawnee teaser new in her account on Weibo conference hall in Beijing on the 2nd of July where it is expected that the official announcement of the phone CC9 from its brand new.

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It is expected to confirm Shawty officially released the next in the conference on 2 July in the teaser of a new or with sending invitations to official media channels.

Recall that the projections indicate that Shaw provided one of the versions of series CC camera background of the trilogy, with the technique of Xiaomi X Meitu in full control of the characteristic of the mechanism of editable trying to design a phone Zenfone 6, is also expected to have this design in the second version of the police who applies is entitled CC9e, due to the deployment of a promotional video clip for CC9 that comes built in the top of the screen.


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