Shao owns more than 297 million users for MIUI

The interface of MIUI is as we know the Android interface modified with Shawty and is one of the famous given the widespread for Shaw, especially after updated to the last MIUI 10, which provided a wide range of new features and useful.Xiaomi's MIUI

Announced Shao today that the number of users the interface of MIUI has reached 279 million users around the world also announced that the number of users the same interface on devices the Internet of Things IoT has reached 3 million users! It is smart home devices devices like folding, locks smart door, etc. Those are already superior in this type of device.

These statistical Shawty not launched the latest version of its interface MIUI is MIUI 11 a live version on Android 10 which features that offers all of the features of the Android platform 10 along with a number of exclusive benefits from Shawty.

واجهة MIUI 11

The best characteristic of the interface Shawty MIUI 11

Interface MIUI 11 includes a number of features that will enable you to be observed once you try it, here are the best features that has come in the new interface:

1- new icons and effects quick: one of the features of MIUI 11 phenomenon is that it includes the icons are new compared to the previous generation as it allows also effects (Animation) more speed which appear in multiple places of the system such as open list of applications or development.

2- put the new power-saving: the interface of MIUI 11 new may also involving saving mode energy enhancer, namely the Ultra Power Saving Mode, where it according to the company, this situation will make the phone able to work for 24 whole hours in standby mode with 5% of battery power! As this situation would be to close the Wi-Fi automatically if you are not using its features as well as hides the applications and services that were not needed.

3- Kids Mode: this mode is very suitable for parents who leave their phone to their kids to play with, or related to, let the internet but afraid of children to ruin any thing in the phone! Where can through the Kids Mode that are creating isolated environment on your phone to be used by the children freely without any access to files and applications are important.

4- Digital Health: this feature is one of the most important features adopted by Google Now, where through Digital Wellbeing you can know how much time you spend on each application and you in this matter before it affects on your mental and physical health by.

This comes all to and Android 10, as well as various features that are offered by Shawty exclusively, if you have one of the phones Shawty, you that you update لـMIUI 11 once it is available for you!

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