Shao provided new details about the technique of the camera the bottom of the screen

Use the company’s Shawty move design camera front to a new level, with the technology of the camera that come down the screen of smart phones, and tweet new of Wang Xiang vice president of the Shao revealing more details about how to work this new technology.

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Comes to smartphone design a lot of change in the design recently, where he presented the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone varied designs for the front vehicle that came built port diameter in a lot of versions, the design of the slide or a pop-up in other versions, the design of the screen hole in the other.

But Shawty want to change the design of the extrusion drastically with the technique of camera new the bottom of the screen, which recently revealed about the mechanism of its action in smart phones across the Wang Xiang vice president of the Shawnee.

I pointed to Wang Xiang in Twitter recently published, that the cable car comes at the top of the screen, but as an alternative framework for the ocean with the camera in the screen which comes the design of extrusion or cut into the screen in the form of a hole, coming camera with a distinctive glass Beach Low with higher permeability allowing the camera to take the picture, as the screen comes to the design of variable flow also work as the cable car at the top.

As indicated Shawty that this design will need to minimize the size of the cable car to the maximum, as Will the addition of bigger sensor supports taking pictures with a higher level of quality compared to the design of extrusion current.

It is expected that shawty version of the smartphone later reveals the efficiency standards and the design of the camera new the bottom of the screen, so after the Chinese giant is certainly conducting the tests and the final comparison of this technique before already included in the smartphones.


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