Shao think to place ads within the system of its phones

شاومي تعترف بوضع إعلانات ضمن نظام هواتفها

Known for phones Shawty, is their specifications of good price of cheap, unlike what happens with other large companies, had previously been president of the company that the company’s profit from the manufacture of the phones is not about 5% of the total value, but it seems that the fourth largest company of smart phones seek to exploit others for profit.

As users see phones the police, they contain ads within the operating system specifically when you open the settings menu and settings in the phones.

Although the company deals with the Android system, but at the same time the development of user interface especially on behalf of MIUI as was the case with the other companies phones, but this fact has become programmed to place ads to users, which is what raised the ire of some, to the site of The Verge to communicate with the company to confirm it.

The company said in its letter to the site “ads a part of its policy, but at the same time to develop options to help the user to control the appearance of the ads, as we are always working to make it unobtrusive for the user a better experience.”

According to the site, the ads in phones, Shawty show with the women that carry the Android interface modified its development, and it does not apply to phones that carry the Android system raw (basic).

It can be said that Shaw is not the first company to do so than large companies, as Samsung have already the same thing, but talking about the prices of phones shawty, it seems a fairly acceptable compared with any other company.

An example of the ads:


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