Shapical — photo editor for real connoisseurs of art

Modern image editors are similar to each other. Now, normally, users change the contrast, cut unnecessary details in the images and increase exposure. Separate step — select filters, which are now available in huge quantities. But all this does not help to create a masterpiece. To correct the situation Shapicalusing the geometry to transform ordinary snapshots into intriguing creative work.

Shapical can truly be called geometric image editor. Fortunately, there were no axioms and theorems. They are replaced by figures, which add mystery and to turn an ordinary photo into a work of art.

Familiarity with Shapical will be almost instantaneous. Immediately after starting the application will prompt you to select an image to work with. The you can create with the camera or load it from gallery or Dropbox.

When a picture is selected, go to edit. The basis of design in Shapical — figures. There is a choice of all possible variations of triangles, diamonds, circles and other things. Click on any and start. Here the triangle looks too rough. Let’s try the circle.

The shape adjust the thickness, transparency and color. You can place this anywhere. Shades, etc. — at the discretion of the owner of the smartphone.

For extra charm, add text. There are a few fonts, and a new pair can be bought for money. Inscription choose carefully to accurately convey the idea of the song and the mood of the author. If necessary, figures and elements are cool in 3D for the selection of the optimal angle.

Important feature — selective blur. Can change the background color around the shape to focus the viewers attention on the desired object. It turns out interesting.

Shapical — niche product. They are unlikely to use before each post in instagram, but for experiments the app will do. It will be appreciated by art lovers and connoisseurs of the unconventional.

Application: Shapical
Developer: Sixhands Apps
Category: Photography
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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