Shared data Mark Zuckerberg also in the scandal of recent privacy

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Witness the CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg in front of Congress on the scandal, the abuse of user data by some companies like Cambridge Analytica. Turns out, not so long ago that the personal information of more than 87 million users on Facebook have been shared improperly with Cambridge Analytica and this company used that data to engineer political campaigns in the future. Enter the company Facebook about the scandal, the abuse of the data and promised more actions to prevent that from happening in the future. As part of his testimony before Congress revealed Mr. Mark Zuckerberg also that his personal data was shared incorrectly with Cambridge Analytica.

In his testimony before Congress, revealed Mark Zuckerberg was among the 87 million users in Facebook who were sharing their personal information inappropriately with Cambridge Analytica. It was a confession flagrant for that of all people, you would expect that the person who participated in the founding of the Facebook management and to this day will be able to protect his personal data on Facebook and parties that want to exploit it completely.

Defended Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly about the privacy practices at Facebook, noting that users are turning in their data and give them is always the option of determining what they want to share with those in their network.

However, when asked if his statements had been watching her incorrectly in the scandal of the misuse of this data, Mark Zuckerberg said that ” yes, “ but he did not enter in any other details about what were the problems exactly with the Cambridge Analytica.


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