Shares of Electronic Arts reaches top levels historically

Electronic Arts

Got the shares of Electronic Arts of America to the highest rate of its historical, recent, and due to the strong financial results achieved by the company in each quarter of the fiscal, the company’s market capitalization to more than $ 45.5 million.

This makes EA the second largest games company on a global level behind the company active Blizzard that flying out of tune and, with a market value of up to $ 61.8 million. In the third company comes into Japan worth up to $ 38.5 million, note that the shares need tumbled, led by 17% this year. The rest of it is far from these figures and as an example of the Take-Two come in fourth place and worth up to $ 14.5 million, and then come Ubisoft $ 13 million.

The total value of the market to buy a Bandai Namco $ 8.8 million and is the largest Japanese companies after the new.

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