Sharp offers the phone with my daughter two

The subject Sharp offer the phone with my daughter two appeared on Engadget.

In the past year, issued a Sharp your Aquos R Compact, a phone with my daughter’s small camera on the top edge with the edge of a huge from the bottom sensor fingerprint. No phone is great in terms of design. But for the issue this year, the company has to find a new solution to increase the screen size while maintaining the sensor fingerprint, and so made a phone Aquos R2 Compact with my daughter two.

This new version contains on the screen of IGZO LCD display size of 5.2 inches and a resolution of 2280 × 1080 pixels which includes the camera front sensor footprint. It is clear that there is a significant improvement in the design with this device, as it will be one of the most powerful phones available, it contains a Snapdragon processor 845 with 4 GB of RAM and operating system Android 9 Pie camera accurately 22.6-megapixel addition to the battery capacity of 2500 mAh.

There may be a dispute about the note where the idea for the extrusion itself does not accept the mission, but it is believed this phone is the phone the most advanced among Android phones where the screen is small and modern design and discover the slim, you may use the version of the Aquos R Compact previous Snapdragon processor 660 medium-term.

Unfortunately, that phone R2 will most likely remain in Japan when it was launched during the coming year.


The subject Sharp offer the phone with my daughter two appeared on Engadget.

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