Shawty and patented to charge the phone from the solar energy

Of of not is phone battery capacity and its ability to withstand without charging, this disparity in the resilience to make the Chargers the mobile with its various IT boom great since it is facing down, where the implementation of the phone’s battery significantly according to the nature and use whatever phone capabilities and specifications, but in all the dreams we resort to charging the phone once or more per day. It is the dilemma that interest by the Chinese police Shawty.

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Where focused research to get to the assist mechanism to charge the phone’s battery away from the charger to the traditional, and found the patent relies on solar energy to this end, the Solar Charging, and she didn’t give up entirely on the screen the traditional. But the phone charging outside the home is somehow more modern.

The new phone will enter charging technology solar system and across the cells that will be installed on the backend for mobile phones. Like the solar panels that we know.

Shawty and patented to charge the phone from the solar energy

You’ll get phones that will work with this technology every characteristic phones Shawty in terms of the quality of the gear, paper specifications, and not give up Shawty with these extra for any of the components of the phone where you will get a slice of the solar cell space, neglected the bottom of the rear camera of the phone.

Despite receiving Shawty on Baraa patent this, but I didn’t get more details on the history provided by the first phone will do, or when to be announced.
In any case, the phone that will Solar Power will pay the shipper the traditional advantages of Fast shipping. That solar panels are extra exclusive for Shawty next.


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