Shawty announce the expansion of the line phones Mi 8 release my version Lite and pro

شاومي تعلن عن توسيع خط هواتف Mi 8 بإطلاق نسختي لايت وبرو

Launched Shawty by about 4 months, her phone Mi 8 flagship with a hard copy Explore Edition and SE, but the company seems to want as usual to deliver their products to a larger number of users in all segments of society, as announced to increase the line of phones Mi 8 launched Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 Lite.

It features Han Mi 8 Pro with updated techniques and more powerful than the original phone, where a compact footprint with the screen type OLED 1080 x 2248 pixels, and the measurement of 6.21 inches, and its determination appears to be largely similar to the iPhone X.

The phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 845, in addition to the two options of RAM memory with a capacity of 6 GB and 8 GB with internal storage space with a capacity of 128 GB. It also brings with it a rear camera, double accurately 12 mega both lenses, the front camera accurately 20 megapixels, which supports the role of technology to open the lock to recognize the face.

While up the price of the iPhone X to$ 1,000, the phone Shao new comes at the price of 470$ with almost all benefits with the exception of the operating system.

As for the version of the Mi 8 Lite, it comes with a screen of LCD type, led by 6.26 inches. It also brings with it a processor Snapdragon 660, the same memory options of the Phone Arena.

The phone also comes with a camera background of the double accurately 12 mega pixels and 5 mega pixels, plus a front camera with 24 mega pixel. In addition, it offers sensor fingerprint in the back with the battery 3,350 Milli-amp / hours.

This phone comes at the price of$ 205 per almost.

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