Shawty announces its new brand for smartphones CC

The company announced the Shao in its conference held recently for its new brand of smartphones and CC, which joins the brand’s main Mi and the tag, the first sub-Redmi.

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Held company the Shaw Conference recently to announce their relationship to the new sub, where CEO Shawty Lei Jun sign CC sub-second company, however, the official announcement did not include the disclosure of the version of Shaw’s first for the brand.

I have indicated Lei Jun, CEO Shao during the declaration that the treatment of CC business is an acronym to the phrase “Colorful and Creative” to attribute creative in a series of upcoming phones that works on the development team Chic & Cool 90.

Include delivery to production line Shao from the phones and CC will differ from the current versions of smart phones, are characterized by this series of design involved in the design of a group of artists, where the hosts brand the youth with creative and fashionable designs.

Recall that shawty alluded to that the first version of the sign of the CC trade will come with distinctive and sophisticated in the cable car, supported by the technique of artificial intelligence, so we expect the official announcement of the first version of the sign CC and trade during the coming period.


I know of

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