Shawty can launch phone Black Shark 3 and also the Pro version in the next conference

Assured Lei Jun, CEO Shao today on the company’s plans to launch two versions of the phones games soon, where applicable, the first version of Black Shark 3 also offers the company also Black Shark 3 Pro.

Use company of Shawnee for the official announcement about the phone games Black Shark 3 in a conference to be held next week, and today confirmed the Lei Jun on the company’s plans to launch a Pro version of the phone, apply capacity battery of 5000 mAh, while the version comes the main ability 4720 mAh in the battery.

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As confirmed by the CEO Shawty on that phones Black Shark 3 will support fast charging technology with capacity 65W, charge 60% of battery in just 15 minutes.

From another side, the phone’s Black Shark 3 Outlet magnetic to the people, to support charging the phone while playing through the special agent that connects to the bottom of the phone, as the phones come with USB port C of the company.

Also applies to phone my Black Shark 3 and pro in 3.5 mm headphones, as it supports the screen in the new versions the refresh rate of 120Hz, and relates to the two phones with a processor Snapdragon 865 with RAM 16 GB RAM, so we expect the official announcement for more details about the phones games coming from Shawty.


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