Shawty choose dark mode in the whole interface MIUI 10

Characterized by the interface of MIUI to bring the latest features of Android regardless of the version of the system early on, for example, the interface MIUI-based 10 Android 8 comes to the status of notifications and controls health vertical of Android 9, it appears that Shawnee alliance already Android advantage of the situation to the dark region of the full system.

Fits dark mode to read in low light, and want the user’s eye to reduce the emission of blue light associated with white light, and in the phones screen Olid stand of battery consumption.

It seems that shawty choose dark mode at the interface of MIUI 10 in preparation for its launch soon for public beta, which means that it may be up to the users before the MIUI 11.

From the screen shots, it seems that dark mode spreads in all reality, including system apps such as the messages, notes, contacts, calculator, and even controls the health and status notifications window open applications recently.

It seems that the situation does not cover the main settings menu, but it includes the sub menus, including lock applications and the use of data director applications and calculate the MI settings SIM.

The source mentions that the public beta might arrive with the update 9.2.14 one MIUI 10, based on feedback we may see the arrival of the dark mode for users in version MIUI 10 sedentary, but it may be delayed to update the MIUI 11, which is scheduled to see him with the phone Shawty Mi 9 associated with his declaration during the next week.

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