Shawty dominate the sector that the smart bracelet universal

During the third quarter of this year the growth of the sector devices smart bracelet wearable by 65 percent at the global level to the record level of 45.5 million units, with strong momentum in the Asia-Pacific region and Greater China, according to assess the new market research firm Canalys.

The report focuses on the sector of the smart bracelet wearable only, so that includes sales bracelet fitness smart smart watches and fitness tracking.

The market research firm IDC, IDC had reported earlier this week that Apple has dominated the sector of wearable devices in the last quarter, especially in the sub-category “Hearables,” or smart headphones with the growing popularity of AirPods.

And I got Shawty the Chinese most of the global shipments in the devices that the Smart Bracelet for the third quarter, where it shipped 12.2 million units, a growth of 74.4 percent year on year, reaching a market share of 27 percent during this quarter, the growth of the company Shao to the performance of the local force and the external force.

In came Apple ranked second with a market share of 15 percent, where the proportion of 60 percent of the shipments of the Apple TV to the latest smart watch Apple Watch Series 5, which was launched in the month of September, driven by new features such as the screen that always work and more customization options.

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While Huawei ranked the second cross-shipped 5.9 million units, a market share of amounted to 13 percent growth annual rate of 243 percent thanks to increased sales in China, and South Korea’s Samsung ranked fifth with a market share amounted to 6 percent with increased sales in Asia thanks to the device fitness tracker Galaxy Fit.

While the form of company Fitbit 8 percent of the market, making it come in fourth place, was the only supplier who has not seen a lot of growth compared to last year, despite the release of the new Versa 2 achieved significant improvements in order to maintain the ability of the company competitiveness at the level of 200 USD.

China still is the largest area of consumption of the smart bracelet, where 40 percent of shipments in all over the world, grew by 60 percent year on year, while the Americas and Europe, Middle East and Africa, 44 percent of the global volume.

The area of Asia Pacific (excluding Greater China) the smallest of the four regions, contributing by 16 percent, but it was the fastest-growing and expanded by 130 percent compared to the second quarter of 2018 due to the strong performance of all vendors.

In addition to smart phones, has brought Shawty a wide range of products the Internet of things to Europe, including wearable devices, and smart e-bikes, and smart wristbands and wearables are particularly important, the speed Shawty launches, and help these devices to improve the brand image Shao in sectors other smart devices.

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