Shawty don’t plan to launch my phone Mi Max Mi Note This year

Announced Lei Jun CEO Shawty on that the company is not planning to launch a my phone Mi Max Mi Note This year, where come these statements after the announcement of the company’s previous launched series phones Mi CC new.

Includes company Shao now three brands in smart phones, where Brand subsidiary the company’s first Redmi, while recently presented their relationship to the new sub-Mi CC that apply later the first versions to the market, while offering Shawty enabled versions of the smart phones in their relationship to the key Mi.

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I have launched the sign Redmi sub recently my phone Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro, while focusing Shao also launch its first release of its brand new Mi CC, which is why the expected declaration of Lei Jun recent cancellation of the company’s plans to launch the phones of the company’s Mi Max Mi Note This year.

I have indicated Lei Jun in his remarks that the company is offering its technology in the new series phones Mi possible, while Mark comes Redmi business to offer to the market featured phones to the highest quality with good pricing.

Recall that Shao revealed about the phone Mi Max 3 in July of last year, while the company provided phone Mi Note 3 almost two years ago in September of 2017, however the company postponed the launch of new versions of this series to guide their focus to other versions of the Mi 9, and Mi 9 SE, and also the Mi MIX to the side-chain CC new.


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