Shawty enter the Guinness Book of World Records the largest display screen is composed of 1005 telephone Mi Play !

The company’s Shaw that draws the world’s attention through the title of a new world was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records with its new phone Xiaomi Mi Play announced a few days ago, where the company generates greater width of the dynamic component of 1005 telephone Mi Play on The Shape of the tree has a length of 8 meters in celebration of the New Year.

There’s this tree that appears in the photos upstairs inside the shopping centre in China, and it took 12 hours until they are put the show together, and it was the hardest part of this whole process is to sync all phones so that all screens on the display the whole image at the same time.

It works this screen as a point of connection Wi-Fi Mobile, which is the largest in the city, to provide high speed wireless internet connection for consumers in the commercial center.

This is the second time in which the maker of Chinese phones to Guinness World Records, where I got Shawty on the title of her first when they revealed the largest logo of mosaic using 9690 luminous unit on its headquarters in India, and the second when the opening of 500 stores in one payment on October 29, and now has garnered the title of the second.

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