Shawty establish a dedicated section for cameras to improve camera phones

Leak detection for an internal letter from was written by CEO of me John that the company will open a new section of private cameras to improve the cameras in its smart phones.

I wrote John: “the company decided to create a whole section estimates separate within the section of smart phones, will provide the necessary resources in order to build cameras able to capture high quality images”.

Usually check the company phones Shawty points is low in relation to the camera, and adopted a Chinese brand, recently artificial intelligence techniques to improve the image by identifying the scene and adjusting the lighting and colors.

Became the cameras a real test of latest smart phones in recent years, and many companies manufacture phones powerful, but only few of them who are able to provide the experience of the camera.

And apple, the parking, Huawei, and Samsung from the rest of the manufacturers mobile phones when it comes to photography via cell phones in recent years, they provided many features such as Super slow Video Resolution of 960 frames per second technology camera triple lens, etc. All of these companies have large teams specializing in just cameras, for example the number of staff, the camera team at Apple 800 employees in 2015.

However, look development and Shawty in the export format ascending, judging from the quality that we see in phones Mi Mix 2s and Mi Note 3 who obtained the assessment of the 97 and 90 degrees respectively on the platform of quality-tested cameras DxOMark, and the camera department the new custom that promotes this.

Source : technode

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